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Primary Schools

Roland Edwards Primary

St. Peter
Roland Edwards Primary Principal
George Francis - Principal

Battaleys, St. Peter



The Roland Edwards Primary School is located at Battaleys, St. Peter. It is one of the several primary schools which were built with World Bank funding.

The school which is the amalgamation of the pupils and staff of the former Speightstown Boys' School and St. Peter's Girls' School was officially opened on 27th April, 1990. To present, the names of the Principals of the school are: Mrs. Marlene Matthew, Mrs. Marcia Graham, Mr. Owen Blackman and Mr. Michael Watson.

Roland Edwards Primary School was named after a former furniture dealer and composer who lived obliquely opposited the former Speightstown Boys' School. Curtis Campbell Van Roland Edwards had become well known in Barbados after he wrote the music to the National Anthem of Barbados.

Our Motto

Together We Strive, Together We Achieve.

Our Vision

To work with the various stakeholders to see the school develop into a truly professional Learning Community, where the focus is on learning rather than teaching, where teachers have high expectations of students, where we work collaboratively in achieving our stated objectives and where we hold ourselves accountable for results.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the pre-eminent education institution among primary schools on the island, providing a quality learning environment, catering to the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of all its members, thus enabling all students to achieve their maximum potential.

School Organization



There are ten (10) Heads of Departments and six (6) Year Heads with responsibilities for Form Levels 1-6.



There are five forms at year levels 1 to 5. Each year level is managed by a Senior Teacher.



Various sports including athletics, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, netball and volleyball.



Activities include Band, draughts, etiquette, choir and I.S.C.F.
Roland Edwards Primary Senior Teacher
- Senior Teacher