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Parent's Corner

Designed specifically for Parents and Teachers, access to student resources including syllabi, and attainment targets directly from our Parents Corner. 

Policies & Guidelines

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10 Dollar Note 100 Dollar Note 2 Dollar Note 20 Dollar Note 3D Shapes 5 Dollar Note 50 Dollar Note Action Adams Adams 2 Adams 3 Airport Angles Antiques Artist Asthma At The Beach Baking Barrow 3 Barrow 4 Base 10 Base 2 Beach Beach Pollution Bernard St John Pm Blacksmith Blind Man Business Terms Business Terms(2) Bussa 1 Bussa 3 Bussa 4 C D Oneal C Payne Car Racing Cat in Tree Catching a Bus Cellphone Child Circle Classtime Cleaning Litter Clifford Husbands Coconuts Colour Me Barbados Flag Colour Me Conkie Colour Me Cou-Cou Colour Me National Dress Colour Me National Flower Colour Me Parliament Building Computer Lab Computer Lab Rules 1 Computer Lab Rules 2 Consonant Blends 1 Consonant Blends 2 Consonants Cow Cricket Cricket Game Cross Section Barbados David Thompson Pm Deighton Ward Dentist Digraphs Disabled Dollar Donkey and Cart Earthquake Earthquake Sequence Elliot Belgrave Environment Errol barrow Pm Errol Walton Barrow Errol Walton Barrow 2 Erskine Sandiford Pm Extended Family F Walcott Fair Family Family(1) Family(2) Farm Figures of Speech 1 Figures of Speech 2 Figures of Speech 3 Figures of Speech 4 Figures of Speech 5 Fire Fish Fry Fish Market Five Cent Flooding Football French Fruits Freundel Stuart Pm Fruit Vendor G Sobers Garbage Garbage Collection Garden Tools Garden Tools Equipment Garden Tools Equipment(2) Gill Gill2 Gill3 Granny Lunch Grantley Adams Grantley Adams Pm Green Monkey H Springer Horse Racing Hugh Cummins Pm Hugh Springer Hurricane Illegal Dumping Insect Chart 1 Insect Chart 2 John Stow Kiddies 1 Kite Flying laundry 2 Leaves Lines Litter Mango Thief Market Scene Minister Education Estwick Minister Education Farley Minister Education Greenidge Minister Education Jones Minister Education Miller Minister Education Simmons Minister Education Smith Minister Education Tull Minister Education Walker Missed Flight Mminister Education Wood Mother Mother Sally Music Class Rules Music Notes National Anthem National Dress National Pledge Nita Barrow Number Lines Nurse Oilspill One Cent Oneal Oneal 2 Oneal 3 Oneal2 Oneal3 Owen Arthur Pm Park Parts of Flowering Plant Parts of Insect Payne Payne2 Payne3 Payne3 (1) Picnic Pitching Marbles Place Value1 Place Value2 Play Pollutants Pollution Postman Prescod Prescod (1) Prescod2 Prescod3 Prize Giving Racing Recess Road Roots Running in Hurricane running in Storm S A Gill S Prescod Sandra Mason Seaport Shaggy Bear Signs Silence Snowcone Vendor Sobers Sobers2 Sobers3 Spanish Countries Spanish Days Of The Week Spanish Months Of The Year Sports Day Springer Springer3 Square Standpipe(002) Stems Stiltman Student Supermarket Teens Ten Cent The Helper Thief Tom Adams Pm Triangles Tsunami Tuk Tuk-Band Twentyfive Cent Types of Production Types of Sentences Vendor Vowels Walcott Walcott2 Walcott2 (1) Walcott3 Wedding window Shopping Winston Scott

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