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Nursery Schools

Maria Holder Nursery- Gall Hill

Gall Hill,
Christ Church
Maria Holder Nursery- Gall Hill Principal
Olwin Walker - Principal

Gall Hill,, Christ Church


Maria Holder Nursery School Gall Hill was named after the late Maria Holder, a stalwart in contributing to the development of Early Childhood Education in Barbados. The school was built and donated by The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

The school is one of the twelve Nursery Schools on the island.

We opened our doors to the first students on September 12th, 2016. The school was officially opened on January 6th, 2017 by the Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart, QC, former Prime Minister of Barbados. The first Principal of the school is Mrs. Olwin Walker.

Maria Holder Nursery School Gall Hill caters to students from 3 to 4 years old. The school is currently located on Church Hill Road, Christ Church and we seek to attract young children from the surrounding communities.

Our Motto

Let's Imagine, Create and Succeed Together

Mission Statement

We believe that the process of learning is of greater value than the final product. We recognise that each child is an individual; that all children are creative and that all children need to succeed. Therefore this Nursery School aims to offer a safe, caring and supportive learning environment  where we: 

  • Provide a child friendly environment
  • Provide a safety net for risk-taking
  • Promote critical thinkers
  • Support Student- centred learning activities
  • Embrace Inclusiveness
  • Value play as the work of children
  • Develop an effective parent /teacher partnership


School Organization



There are ten (10) Heads of Departments and six (6) Year Heads with responsibilities for Form Levels 1-6.



There are five forms at year levels 1 to 5. Each year level is managed by a Senior Teacher.



Various sports including athletics, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, netball and volleyball.



Activities include Band, draughts, etiquette, choir and I.S.C.F.
Maria Holder Nursery- Gall Hill Senior Teacher
Kathryn Chatawan - Senior Teacher

School Song

Maria Holder Nursery School

We pledge to be loyal and true

Striving to keep your standard high

In everything that we do


We work and we play, as one big family,

Teachers, pupils, parents and ancillary

Making us the best that we can be

In love and unity