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Primary Schools

Deacons Primary

St. Michael
Deacons Primary Principal
Sylvia Atherley - Principal

Deacons, St. Michael



Deacons Primary School was officially opened on 7th September 1964 by Mrs. Carolyn Barrow, wife of the then Premier Errol Walton Barrow. It is located in 2nd Avenue Bird's River Land, Deacons Road, St. Michael. The school was built to meet the demands for primary education for the areas of the new Farm Housing Area, Goodland and Brandons.

Deacons Primary started with a role of 420 pupils, some of whom were transferred from the neighbouring schools of Westbury and Eagle Hall. Within a short period of time, the school was known for its excellence in both academic and non-academic areas. It became the first choice within its immediate envrionment and beyond.

Our Motto

Upward and onward to the goal.

Our Mission Statement

To provide quality Nursery and Primary Education to the children entrusted to our care.


School Organization



There are ten (10) Heads of Departments and six (6) Year Heads with responsibilities for Form Levels 1-6.



There are five forms at year levels 1 to 5. Each year level is managed by a Senior Teacher.



Various sports including athletics, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, netball and volleyball.



Activities include Band, draughts, etiquette, choir and I.S.C.F.
Deacons Primary Senior Teacher
Sandra King - Senior Teacher

School Song

Deacons we pledge to you
Our hearts so dear and true.
Your walls embrace us;
You're the foundation of our education
Solid and firm and strong,
To you we belong.

Deacons we love you so
Oh how with pride we glow,
Deacons oh Deacons
Oh how we love you.

So we would never trade
What you of us have made
Hard work and loyalty;
Truth and humility.
Kindness to one and all
Though they be great or small.
All these things you have taught
Completing knowledge sought.

May God bless you each day
As pupils work and play.
Let minds be moulded,
Fine as the potter's clay.
Teachers your guidance seek From the great Teacher; Making each mind you shape, Purer and richer.