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Primary Schools

Cuthbert Moore Primary

St. Helens
St. George
Cuthbert Moore Primary Principal
Milinese Alleyne - Principal

St. Helens, St. George



The Cuthbert Moore Primary School is situated in St. Helen's in the parish of St. George. The school was built to accommodate the pupils of the St. Augustine Girls' and the St. Augustine Boys' schools. Approval was given in September 1989 for the amalgamation of the the two schools to form a new primary school. The new primary school was named after Mr. Lawrence Cuthbert Moore one of the most outstanding principals of the St. Augustine Boys' hence the name 'Cuthbert Moore Primary School'.

The school was officially opened on the 15th December 1989 by the then Honourable Minister of Education, Mr. Cyril Walker, who was also the Parliamentary Representative for St. George North at that time.

Our Motto

With Order as Our Basis We aim only for the Best.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop well-disciplined students who value education and who demonstrate high levels of literacy, numeracy and technological skills in order to function effectively in their country and in today's global society.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide quality education for all students helping them to develop their individual talents. We aim to provide opportunities for them to develop morally, physically, socially, emotionally, culturally and academically in a nurturing serene climate conducive to learning so that they may reach their full potential and be able to make a meaningful contribution to our society and by extension to the world.

School Organization



There are ten (10) Heads of Departments and six (6) Year Heads with responsibilities for Form Levels 1-6.



There are five forms at year levels 1 to 5. Each year level is managed by a Senior Teacher.



Various sports including athletics, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, netball and volleyball.



Activities include Band, draughts, etiquette, choir and I.S.C.F.
Cuthbert Moore Primary Senior Teacher
Rhonda Mayers - Senior Teacher

School Song

Dear Father bless our school today
Unite us all in love we pray
Give us the wisdom and the skill
A firm foundation help us to build.
With order our basis we aim for the best
We know you dear God our endeavours will bless.

Bless our teachers and casual staff too
Our parents dear and friendships true.
May we grasp the lessons taught
Heed the morals, forget them not
Make us courteous, obedient and kind
And give us a sound and healthy mind.

May we in our purpose be one with thee
Lord grant us the blessings of unity
Within these walls may be peace be found
And joy and laughter here abound
Unite our hearts in love we pray
And bless our school from day to day.