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Secondary Schools

St. George Secondary School

St. George
St. George Secondary School Principal
Dennis Browne - Principal

Constant, St. George



In 1971 St. George Secondary School enrolled its first students drawn mostly from the surrounding feeder schools. Among these were students drawn mostly from the surrrounding feeder schools. Among these students were students who had been home for a year, because, in those days, students finished school at 13.

St. George Secondary opened in 1972 while construction was still in progress. Its first principal was Mr. K. G. Alleyne and his deputy was Ms. Linda Jemmott. The junior boys wore khaki and the senior boys dark brown pants and beige shirts. The junior girls wore lilac overalls and white blouses while the senior girls wore lilac skirts and white blouses. The school's roll quickly grew to more than 1000 students.

Our Motto

Be Constant, Aspire, Achieve.

Our Vision

To be an institution of excellence developing the various intelligences of all students.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality education and training, in a dynamic and collaborative environment; to stimulate all students to maximise their potential and to function as responsible citizens.

School Organization



There are ten (10) Heads of Departments and six (6) Year Heads with responsibilities for Form Levels 1-6.



There are five forms at year levels 1 to 5. Each year level is managed by a Senior Teacher.



Various sports including athletics, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, netball and volleyball.



Activities include Band, draughts, etiquette, choir and I.S.C.F.
St. George Secondary School Deputy Principal
Stephen Proverbs - Deputy Principal

School Song

Mark this view of rustic verdure
Neath the blazing valley heat
See the finest architecture,
Engineered for little feet
Feet, that must in the bright future,
Tread on distant foreign soil.
Unfrequented by a teacher,
Wearied now by strain and toil.

Be constant, aspire, achieve
Learn to spurn the rigid cost
Thus when departing do no heave
Sorry sigh of heavy loss.
Drink in while you may the beauty
Mingle strong in nature's cup
Try with every sense of duty
That will keep high standards up

Therefore, let us strive together,
Aiming at a common cause
Parent, guardian, pupil, teacher
Strive, nor feel the need to pause
Till the toll of duty calls us
Like the sinking valley sun,
Which its heat send strong upon us
While its course is still unrun.