Parkinson Memorial Secondary School Principal
Mr. Ian Holder - Principal

About Us

The Parkinson Memorial School was established by the Government of Barbados in September, 1960 with its first intake coming from the feeder schools in the area.

It was officially opened by The Hon. L. St. A Thorne MCP, Minister of Education, on Wednesday 22nd February, 1961. Students were then allocated on the basis of the Common Entrance Examination.

The school is named after Educator Augustus Rawle Parkinson.

Our Motto

Onward Ever Upward.

Our Vision

To be a learning institution that inspires excellence and achievement.

School Organization



There are nine (9) Heads of Departments and five (5) Year Heads with responsibilities for Form Levels 1-5.



There are eight (8) forms at year levels 1 to 5. Each year level is managed by a Senior Teacher.



Various sports including athletics, basketball, cricket, football, netball and volleyball.



Activities include Debating Club, Dominoes, Key Club, and Spanish Club.
Parkinson Memorial Secondary School Deputy Principal
Mr. Stephen Scott - Deputy Principal

School Song

Onward, Parkinsonian
Onward to the flight!
Onward, ever upward,
Upward to the light!

Onward , Parkinsonian,
Life's long journey will be long,
But onward, ever upward,
We will never fall

In this place we train the young,
Barriers to success knock down!
We lift their heads and strengthen stride
Pushing forward like a raging tide

With honest effort cheerful thought
We vow to serve each other's cause;
Truth and care in our hearts so dear
To their plan our thrusts remain