What's Happening in the Schools

Both primary and secondary schools across Barbados are constantly engaged in various projects which seek to develop well-rounded students who will make significant contributions to society.

Click on one of the schools below to see the various activities or click on the above index.

A. Dacosta Edwards Barbados SDA School Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary
Alexandra Bay Primary Christ Church Foundation School
All Saints Nursery Bayleys Primary Christ Church Girls Primary
All Saints Primary Belmont Primary Codrington School
Alleyne School Blackman and Gollop Primary Coleridge and Parry School
Ann Hill School Boscobel Primary Combermere
Arthur Smith Primary Cuthbert Moore Primary
Daryll Jordan Secondary Eagles Academy Frederick Smith Secondary
Deacons Primary Eagle Hall Primary
Deighton Griffith School Eden Lodge Nursery
Eden Lodge Primary
Ellerslie Secondary School
Ellerton Primary
Erdiston Nursery
Erdiston Special Unit
George Lamming Primary Half Moon Fort Primary Ignatius Byer Primary
Good Shepherd Primary Harrison College Irving Wilson School
Gordon Greenidge Primary Hilda Skeene Primary
Gordon Walters Primary Hillaby/Turners Hall Primary
Government Hill Nursery Hindsbury Primary
Grantley Adams Memorial Holy Innocents Primary
Grantley Prescod Memorial
Graydon Sealy Secondary
Grazettes Primary
Lawrence T. Gay Primary Maria Holder Nursery (Gall Hill) Olga Millar Nursery
Lester Vaughan School Maria Holder Nursery(Oldbury)
Luther Thorne Primary Maria Holder Nursery (Sharon)
Metropolitan High School
Milton Lynch Primary
Mount Tabor Primary
Parkinson Memorial Secondary School Queen's College Reynold Weekes Primary
People's Cathedral Primary Roland Edwards Primary
Princess Margaret Secondary
Providence Elementary
St. Albans Primary Thelma Berry Nursery Vauxhall Primary
St. Ambrose Primary The Rock Christian School
St. Angela's School The Lodge School
St. Bernard Primary The St. Michael School
St. Bartholomew Primary Trinity Academy
St. Boniface Nursery
St. Catherine Primary
St. Christopher Primary W
St. Cyprian's Boys School Warrens Preparatory
St. Elizabeth Primary Wesley Hall Infants
St. George Primary Wesley Hall Juniors
St. George Secondary Westbury Primary
St. Giles Nursery Welches Primary
St. Giles Primary West Terrace Primary
St. James Primary Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary
St. John Primary Wills Primary
St. Joseph Primary Workmans Primary
St. Jude Primary
St. Lawrence Primary
St. Leonard's Boys' Secondary
St. Lucy Primary
St. Luke Primary
St. Margaret's Primary
St. Marks Primary
St. Martin Mangrove Primary
St. Mary Primary
St. Matthew Primary
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic School
St. Paul Primary
St. Philip Primary
St. Silas Primary
St. Stephen Nursery
St. Stephen Primary
St. Ursula's
St. Winifred's
Selah Primary
Sharon Primary
Springer Memorial Secondary School